Welcome to Lynn LAN!

Lynn Valley's Local Area Network

Lynn LAN is a neighbourhood network in North Vancouver, British Columbia, that anyone can join to receive discount high-speed Internet service.

Lynn Valley


$20 CAD/month flat rate + monthly data charges

Data rates:

For example, the average Canadian household uses about 100GB in a month so they'd pay $30. Someone using 200GB would pay $35. You can check with your current provider to find out your typical monthly usage if you're not sure what it is. It's often available online under your account information.


150-500 Mbps depending on equipment and link distance

How it Works

Adam Soltys on Lawrence Place has a 1Gbps business fibre Internet connection that he's willing to share with any household that wants to connect.

We can connect either by running a direct cable if you're on an adjacent property, or by using an outdoor WiFi antenna to establish a wireless link so long as there's direct line of sight.

The antenna or cable connecting us plugs into a router in your home. The router creates a hotspot access point that your devices can access over WiFi or ethernet.

The router runs custom software from Althea that takes care of sharing the connection efficiently when we're both trying to use it, keeping track of bandwidth and payments, and encrypting all the traffic to protect your privacy.

The service can work alongside your existing service as a completely separate hotspot so you can keep your current plan and try things out with no strings attached.

Equipment Needed

1x High-Speed Wireless Antenna

Wireless Wire Ubiquiti Nanobeam

1x Router

Linksys WRT3200 Router GL-B1300 Router

1x Outdoor Ethernet Cable

I already have a 1000ft spool of this that I can cut to length for people as needed, free of charge.

Ethernet Cable


Each month, our routers will produce a report of how much bandwidth was consumed or sold. I'll send out an email invoice to each subscriber with a report of their usage, asking for payment. Payment can be sent by:


Is this legal?

Yes, the wireless antennas transmit over unlicensed WiFi spectrum at either 5Ghz or 60Ghz at power levels well within local regulatory limits. I've confirmed with Telus in writing that I won't be violating their terms of service by sharing or selling the connection because I have a business account with them.

Why bother?

Besides getting cheaper and faster Internet, you'll also be building a resilient network that promotes Internet freedom and may be an asset to our community in emergency situations. Households on the network can continue to host services, share files, and communicate with each other even if the wider Internet were to become unavailable or censored for whatever reason, so long as they have power. There's potential to one day connect up with similar networks in other neighbourhoods, forming a kind of meshnet.

What about privacy/security? Can my neighbours snoop on my data or see what sites I'm visiting?

No, all the connections are routed through an unlogged VPN server before being sent on to the Internet. For a few dollars per month you can use an additional 3rd party VPN like Nord or PIA to provide an extra layer of security. I'm happy to help anyone who wants to learn more.

Can you help me install the antenna and router at my house and help with any other setup and configuration or troubleshooting?


Can I hook up my neighbours?

Yes, once you have service from me, other people can connect to you if they don't have line of sight to my place or if it's just more convenient to run a cable to your house. If they get their connection from you, you can set your own data rates and your router will bill them automatically for the bandwidth they consume so you could potentially offset the amount you pay for your own service or even make a profit if you're in a high visibility area with lots of people connecting through you.

Is the service going to be stable and reliable? Who do I call if things aren't working?

As far as I know, I haven't experienced a single outage from Telus since signing up for their fibre service in 2018. That said, if there are issues, they have a 24/7 tech support line for business accounts so I can reach out right away. If the issue isn't with Telus but with the connection between us, I'm willing to be on call to troubleshoot. My credentials are available on LinkedIn.

Who pays for the equipment?

I have three pairs of antennas and routers I'm willing to lend out for free to the first few people who sign up. After that, new subscribers will be responsible for purchasing their own gear.

How many people can join?

My current 1Gbps connection should comfortably service about 50 households. If we get close to that many, we can consider getting another connection at another household to provide more capacity and redundancy.

Can I get out of my current contract or bundle and switch to this instead?

Yes, if things are going well and you want to drop your current plan, your provider may charge a cancellation fee if you're on a contract, something like $10/month for each remaining month. I expect the savings you'd get from switching would more than offset that.

How do I get started?

Reach out and we can setup an appointment for me to come talk things over and scope out your options. You can email me at asoltys@gmail.com or come knock on my door sometime.

Where can I learn more?

There are a lot of great resources at althea.net and I'll probably update this page with more info as I think of it and as the network gets going.